Benefits can be accessed anytime and anywhere which is of great advantage to businesses and customers alike. Below are some of the benefits of the

Site Visitors

Our main target is to bring over 01 Million Visitors per day to this SLYP Site by end of September 2017 and also planned to  increase the amount of Visitors to SLYP  very near future.

For businesses

Once your advert goes in the, it’s going to stay there for as long as you want it to!

We’re a constant point of contact for your business, so adverts with us are vital to the success of campaigns in other media like newspapers, radio and TV.

High visibility online! So give your business or organization more exposure.

Improve your image, increase your sales and revenue, and grow your clientele-base.

Allows you to tell your customers the benefits of buying your products or services immediately.

Gives you the opportunity to advertise your services and products to a wider global audience.

Choice of colour adverts and sizes to suit your needs.

Adverts communicate information about your company more quickly.

Immediate online presence for newly-created businesses.

Display your company brochure, photos, promotional video or website homepage.

Register your business online or book an advert in the comfort of your office or home.

Small and medium sized businesses get exposure to homes and businesses, so that they can compete more effectively against larger, more well-known companies.

Customers can access your business details anywhere, anytime with

For customers

Information is more up to date!

Easy to follow directions to the company’s location.

Businesses are organized alphabetically, by industries and categories for an easier search.

Links to other useful websites in Sri Lanka

Information on the international brands available in Sri Lanka.


Tell your customers the benefits of buying your products/services immediately! There’s not much time so you have to grab a potential customer’s attention. Tell them how long you’ve been in business, why you are different from your competitors and what associations you belong to.

Open 24-7

Another SLYP benefit is that they’re available 24-hours a day. People are usually ready to make a purchase or get more information when they use the SriLankanYellowPages.

Target Market

One of the unique advantages of SLYP ads are the ability to target an audience in a specific geographical area.